how to lose arm fat

when it comes to losing arm fat, the first thing you have to remember is that it’s not possible to target the fat on one specific area of your body and ignore the rest. Fat-burning activities reduce the fat over the whole body, so they will benefit the arms as well as everywhere else. However, you can certainly do specific workouts to tone your arm muscles, which will firm up your arms and sculpt their shape.

Meanwhile, your first priority is to burn fat, and there are two prongs to this effort — diet, and exercise. Diet doesn’t actually mean “going on a diet,” which you have probably already found is completely ineffective. It means eating the foods your body needs, and throwing out the ones it doesn’t.


how to lose arm fat at home


So you should stick to non-processed natural foods like whole grains, vegetables, fruit, eggs and fish.

Avoid saturated fats and keep to healthy fats like olive oil, nuts, seeds and avocadoes, and make sure you have some protein with every meal — eggs, fish, yogurt, cottage cheese. Cut out cakes, cookies, fries and sugary drinks.

Workout program

For the exercise part of the program, the most effective for fat burning will be strength training workouts, which will boost your metabolism and develop your lean muscle mass. Cardiovascular activities like walking, swimming and aerobics is certainly important, as it exercises your heart and lungs, so you must do some of this regularly. However, the key to fat burning is increasing your muscle strength.

You may react to this with alarm, as you feel the last thing you want is sets of bulging Schwarzenegger-like muscles all over your body, but this isn’t what ordinary strength training does. It is your muscles that determine how much fat you burn — the more muscle you have, the more fuel it requires, and the fuel it burns is fat. Resistance training works by causing microscopic damage or tears in your muscles, and as they are repaired and regenerated by your body, the muscle tissue grows and strengthens — and this new muscle keeps burning more fat long after your workout.

So the main part of your workout plan should be a full body workout, to develop your core muscles. One effective workout is to stand with your feet a hip-width apart and a weight in each hand — full bottles of water will do — squat with your knees, then keeping your back straight raise your knees while raising the weights. Start with 10 repetitions and aim to increase to 15, and remember to stretch before and after — this is vitally important.

Once or twice a week you can also work your biceps and triceps (the muscles in your upper arms) to gain more toning for your arms. A good biceps exercise is the biceps curl, which consists of standing with your feet apart and a weight in each hand, bending your elbows to bring your lower arms up to your shoulders, then lowering your arms to the starting position. For the triceps extension, you sit on a chair, hold one weight with both hands, and extend your arms up to the ceiling, bend your elbows to bring the weight behind your head to touch your shoulders, then lift the weight back up towards the ceiling. Repeat each exercise 10-15 times.


There is no overnight solution to losing arm fat. However, by making healthy food choices and developing the habit of regular purposeful physical activity, you will not only lose fat all over, including your arms, but gain a toned and sculpted look as well. And what’s more, you will feel better than you have ever felt before.


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